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Jessica apprenticed under master piercer Billy Armstrong in 2003 in Florida. Jessica and her husband Ed opened Homeward Tattoo in 2012. She now brings her craft to Rehoboth Beach providing you with a quality piercing service in a sterile and comfortable atmosphere. All needles are single use disposable and all tools and jewelry are hospital grade sterilized in our autoclave that gets independently tested once a month. All jewelry used in the piercing procedure is implant grade surgical stainless steel and is presterilized for each procedure. All of HOMEWARD's piercing prices include the jewelry. In most cases, we have various options as far as jewelry including jewelry with gems. Homeward also carries a full line of jewelry for your piercings once they are healed. We also have a large selection of plugs and large gauge  jewelry up to 2 inch currently. If we do not have exactly what you need, we can special order jewelry for you as well and usually have it in less than a week. Homeward carries a full line of H2Ocean aftercare products available for an additional cost. These products were specially formulated for piercings and we strongly believe in the product and strongly recommend them. Please stop by if you are in the area and feel the need to get pierced or give us a call if you have any questions. Jessica would be more than happy to help you. If you have been pierced and have additional questions after your procedure, please feel free to contact us at the studio, facebook, email, or simply use the contact page on this site.